Welcome to Antonaccio.net.  This is a personal home page of Nick Antonaccio.  Here are some of my sites:

http://merchantsvillage.com - this was my biggest project to date, a 124,000 sq. ft. indoor market square, with over 170 vendors, in the former Pittston, PA Walmart building.  It was an amazing community, more than 2 and half football fields in size, with retail, food, and family activities for everyone.  VIDEO   I wrote the software which ran operations, hired and trained employees, signed up vendors, and managed the property and daily activities.  It was a long journey to get this business going, but it helped the local economy and was a really exciting place for everyone.  That project is now over and the building is being leased.

http://freeconsignmentsoftware.com - The software used to run the above business has been released as a free, open source project (GPL3).  Cash register checkout (point of sale (POS)), pricing, label printing, sales reports, and everything else needed to run that business, are all included.  Also see the sourceforge page at https://sourceforge.net/projects/merchantsvillageconsignmentpos/.  It has become the most downloaded open source consignment software on the planet.

http://rockfactory.us - the web site of my music instruction studio in Wrightstown, PA.  I have a masters degree in music, and have been teaching for 29 years.  You can read about my adventures in the music industry here:  http://rockfactory.us/Teachers.html.  This place has calmed down a lot, but we've had as many as 26 instructors teaching at the Rockfactory, and we're a leading Internet based video conference music lesson studio in the world, featured on the front page of the New York Times January 2012.  This was a software development project and instructional workflow I started in 2004, before anyone else was doing commercial lessons this way.

http://re-bol.com - Google listed this tutorial as the #1 web site for "computer programming tutorial" more than 6 years straight.  There's now a newer 850 page business programming text at http://business-programming.com , a quick start at http://re-bol.com/rebol_quick_start.html and a simple introduction to the language at http://easiestprogramminglanguage.com.

http://ns-basic.com - my mobile development tutorial for the NS Basic development environment.

http://haxe.us - another tutorial, for the Haxe programming language.  You can find more of programming tutorials linked in the re-bol.com text.  If you're interested in having software developed, you can read a bit about my experience at http://merchantsvillage.com/About%20The%20Author.html.

Paramotor - the #1 site in Google for "paramotor tutorial". This is my favorite hobby - I've done more than 1000 flights, and earned an FAA certified tandem instructor certificate in 2010. People think I'm crazy, but it's safer then riding a bike.  Take a look at a tandem fllght, and see what a launch looks like.

YouTube - I have several YouTube channels containing more than 1000 videos about guitar, programming, flying, business, hammock camping, and other personal interests.  Most are quickly made ad-hoc unedited videos taken with a mobile phone, but there's a lot of useful content.

Older sites:

http://musiclessonz.com - this site has been replaced by rockfactory.us for business, but Google still considers it an important resource for "live online music lessons", "video conference music lessons", and other related search terms.  

Indianmusiclessons.com, the #1 commercial web site in its field, was based on the work I did here, and it has been the subject of several college research studies and related publications.

http://guitarz.org - an old personal site, also replaced by rockfactory.us, but it still has some good downloadable recordings. This is from the time that I was teaching at Indiana University. I wrote an accredited guitar curriculum for IU, along with a required text which was used for 4 courses in the curriculum. Back then I played classical guitar, so there are a number of solo nylon string recordings on this site.

http://com-pute.com - a commercial web site for my software development and computer support business.

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